FREUNDSCHAFTSPERLEN – Thank you for being here!

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Product information “FREUNDSCHAFTSPERLEN – Thank you for being here!“

“Thank you dear mom, grandma, friend, sister! Thank you dear dad, grandpa, brother, friend! ”- some say it with flowers, others with aromuli©-FREUNDSCHAFTSPERLEN!


Those aromuli© meet almost all tastes – their fruitful and fresh taste reminds of summer and holidays. The motto of those aromuli© is: Enjoy the sweetest fruits of a friendship together! They are perfect as a present on parties!

With those aromuli© you can decorate and refine sweets perfectly: just sprinkle the on top of ice creams or chocolate glaze. When you dissolve 6 pcs in orange juice or prosecco, those drinks will definitely be something special!

Tip: Tangerine oil awakens the playful child in us and lets us feel more lightness and joy again on cloudy days.


  • Let 3 to 6 pcs of aromuli © slowly dissolve in the mouth as desired (e.g. as often as enjoying candies) & enjoy the scent – preferably after meals
  • You can dissolve 5-10 pcs / 250ml in the drink
  • Sprinkle 5-10 pcs over your food before serving
  • Storage: Store aromuli© closed, dry and protected from light and heat. Consume quickly after opening.

Tip: Birch sugar has an anti-caries effect, natural essential oils have antibacterial effects – therefore, all aromuli© can also be enjoyed after brushing the teeth.


  • aromuli© are candies in the form of birch sugar globules, which have been flavoured with 100% pure, natural essential oils of the highest quality. It is a purely plant-based food. The globules have been aromatized and packed by hand for you.

What are aroma extracts?
Plants produce aromatic substances (e.g. in the form of essential oils) in order to communicate with one another and to attract beneficial insects. Essential oils from plants are used in cosmetics, for pharmaceuticals, but also to aromatize (cough) sweets, meals, and beverages. If essential oils are used as food ingredients, they can be described as aroma extracts.

What is xylitol?
The sweet-tasting carbohydrate (also called birch sugar or xylitol) is a sugar substitute and therefore suitable for diabetics. It contains around 40% fewer calories than table sugar. If consumed excessively, it can have a laxative effect. Birch sugar is not suitable for animals (especially dogs).

Ingredients: with sweetener xylitol, aroma extracts

Nutrition information according to LMIV
Per 100g
Calories 990kJ
236 kcal
·    of which saturated fat
Carbohydrates of which
·    sugar
·    polyhydric alcohols


Dietary Fiber 0g
Protein 0g
Sodium 0g


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